Apprenticeship Programs


The State Apprenticeship Council works closely with the NMBTC to make sure the programs are compliant with applicable standards.

Collectively these two organizations are providing learning and earning opportunities for New Mexicans that might not have seen productive employment in their future and helping to keep them employed for the duration of their working career.

Many apprenticeship programs offer college credits for attending classes. For example, apprentices in NM can earn 51 credits through CNM to put towards their Associate’s Degree, if the choose to pursue it.

It is through partnerships like the one between the NMBTC and the State Apprenticeship Council that New Mexico can better prepare for this state and national growth.If all 440,000 apprentices in the country earned an average annual income of just $15,000 (a low average), nearly $1 billion in tax revenues would be generated, which is a significant return on Federal and State investments.2

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NM Apprentice Programs